Funny Job Hunting Story

This post is a little out of the general theme of my blog, but it never hurts to throw a little spice into the mix once in a while!  Having spent much of this year in job hunting, I found this particularly humorous.  Enjoy!

My Job Search:

My first job was working in an Orange Juice factory, but I got canned. Couldn’t concentrate.

Then I worked in the woods as a Lumberjack, but just couldn’t hack it, so they gave me the axe.

After that, I tried being a Tailor, but wasn’t suited for it — mainly because it was a sew-sew job.

Next, I tried working in a Muffler Factory, but that was too exhausting.

Then, tried being a Chef – figured it would add a little spice to my life, but just didn’t have the thyme.

Next, I attempted being a Deli Worker, but any way I sliced it…. couldn’t cut the mustard.

My best job was a Musician, but eventually found I wasn’t noteworthy.

I studied a long time to become a Doctor, but didn’t have any patience.

Next, was a job in a Shoe Factory. Tried hard but just didn’t fit in.

I became a Professional Fisherman, but discovered I couldn’t live on my net income.

Managed to get a good job working for a Pool Maintenance Company, but the work was just too draining.

So then I got a job in a Workout Center, but they said I wasn’t fit for the job.

After many years of trying to find steady work, I finally got a job as a Historian – until I realized there was no future in it.

(Author unknown)

I’m so very thankful for the work the Lord has provided me!  I know that some of you are looking for work as well…I pray that the Lord grants you wisdom and grace to find the job he has for you, even if it is attempting to cut the mustard in a Deli!

God bless, my friends!

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Excellent thoughts applicable to both men and women! We should live for Christ, not wait for a future spouse. What do you think?

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Do I Have Little Faith?

Do we have faith to believe that which doesn’t make sense? Sometimes the will of God doesn’t always make rational sense in our  earthly human thinking.

Earlier this year, I had two choices between two very different careers. One provided promises of huge financial gain and a rewarding career with long-term benefits. The other had no major promises except a meager weekly paycheck. It made complete sense to take the position that would cover all my financial concerns and even set me up to accomplish what I believe to be the Lord’s purpose for my life.

As I sought the Lord, He clearly directed me to turn down the offer and take the meager paycheck. That decision didn’t make sense to me or to many other people at the time. But it was the right thing to do. I chose to step in faith and take the path God was leading me to follow.

Even now, I’m faced with new decisions that require me to ask some of the same questions. Am I willing to step into the unknown in faith, trusting God for the results? Am I willing to risk my earthly reputation among men to obey in faith? Can I have faith as small as a mustard seed to trust Him to show me the next step? Am I willing to accept what a step of faith may mean to my current goals and ambitions? Will I sacrifice my desires to do the will of God?

That career decision has not led to what I wanted, and, in fact, led to events that I would not have chosen. However, these events have drawn me closer to the Lord, deepening my faith in Him! I believe that if I had taken that promising career, I would have been seriously distracted from my ultimate purpose to pursue the Lord and glorify Him. (See my last post concerning How to Know God’s Will.) The training and workload required over the first year would have absorbed all of my time, at the expense of my relationship with Christ.

I am very grateful for His direction, and am thankful that he led me to step in faith. Even though that step had unfavorable earthly results in many respects, it resulted in huge eternal gain for my relationship with the Lord. It was a lesson in trusting the Lord to provide, even for areas I didn’t recognize needed provision…specifically, my heart condition and relationship with Him. He has provided everything I need and more, especially where it matters most!

Oh Lord, give us the grace, the desire, the power, and the wisdom to act in faith upon what we know you are leading us to do. Help us to take a step, trusting you with the results, even as a child trusts his father to catch him when he jumps!

This video by Dr. Jim Logan is an excellent watch and prompted this post.  I encourage you to take the time to watch it.  

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How to Know God’s Will

A friend recently sent me an excerpt from George Mueller’s writings concerning how to know God’s will in our lives.  I am currently faced with several decisions, some of which if chosen may conflict with my walk with God.  These principles are important for us to keep in mind when making decisions.  Sometimes we have to acknowledge that we want something that indeed is not biblical or within God’s will.  It is during these times we need to decide to pursue the Lord against our own earthly desires.

By George Mueller:

To ascertain the Lord’s will we ought to use scriptural means. Prayer, the word of God, and His Spirit should be united together. We should go to the Lord repeatedly in prayer, and ask Him to teach us by His Spirit through His word. I say, by His Spirit through His word. For if we should think that His Spirit led us to do so and so, because certain facts are so and so, and yet His word is opposed to the step which we are going to take, we should be deceiving ourselves.

For instance: A brother in business thinks he ought to leave the house in which he lives, because it is not in a good situation. He wishes to know the Lord’s mind, as he says, and prays about the matter. After a few days, unexpectedly, a house is offered to him without seeking after it, in a much better situation. The house is very suitable, as he thinks; the rent very moderate; and moreover the person who offers him the house tells him, that, because he is a believer he will let him have it at this cheap rent. There is, however, this scriptural objection in the way. If he goes into this house, he must carry on so large a business, to cover his expenses, that his time will be so occupied as to encroach upon those hours, which ought to be devoted to his spiritual interests. Now the scriptural way of deciding would be this: No situation, no business will be given to me by God, in which I have not time enough to care about my soul (Matthew vi. 33). Therefore, however outward circumstances may appear, it can only be considered as permitted of God, to prove the genuineness of my love, faith, and obedience, but by no means as the leading of His providence to induce me to act contrary to His revealed will.

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What’s Here and Now?

Since this is my first blog post, I thought I’d take a minute to set the course for this blog. The purpose of this blog is to share what the Lord is teaching me in hopes that it will be helpful for those who read it. It is my sincere prayer that the Lord will be glorified, and his people edified, through this tool. My purpose is to serve the Lord and in so doing effect transformation in the world for His glory! If you’d like to know more about me, please click here. Now for my first post:

What’s Here and Now?

The Lord has called us to do his will now. Not later, not in the future when things are just right, not when things are the way we want them, but right now, right where he has us in our current circumstances. So often, I think that if only I can achieve this or that, if only things were better in my family, if I had this job, or if I was married, then I could serve the Lord better or in a certain way. We easily get caught up looking at the future when we hope to serve the Lord in some mighty way. We miss opportunities to serve him here and now in mighty ways as a result.

In reality, God has already given us everything we need to do His will right now, right where we are, in whatever circumstances he has placed us. He just wants us to do our ultimate best for his glory, serving with what we are and what we have, doing what is right before us. He’s given us more than we’re actually utilizing.  In other words, he’s already prepared us for today, the here and now of His will. Instead of maximizing the gifts he gave us to use to perform His work today, we are concerning ourselves about what his will is for us tomorrow. We fret over preparation for his future work, when the work he put before us today will prepare us for the work tomorrow.

Let’s begin today by doing what is before us with passion, doing for the Lord and not for ourselves or the praise of men. Let us focus on pursuing the accomplishment of his will today, not concerning ourselves about his will for tomorrow. Let us always do the right thing in our work, in our interactions with others, in our lives! Let us not be like the unwise steward who buried the talents that were given him. Instead, let us be like those wise stewards that maximized what they had been given and increased their potential for His glory and gain!

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